Thank you for loving my book!

The e-book came out 10 days ago and I am overwhelmed with the reviews I’ve gotten so far! Here are just a few snippets from Amazon. At this rate, I will have to put rocks in my pockets to keep from floating away!

“I can enjoy a novel simply because of a truly inventive plot. I can appreciate a novel because of interesting or quirky characters – if I care about the characters, everything else is somewhat secondary. Some books draw me in due to the author’s elegant command of the language. This book highlights all these positive elements, and it all starts with an extremely catchy title.”

“SPEAKING IN TUNGS is a wonderful book with original and engaging characters, witty yet believable dialogue, a realistic romance and a mystery thrown in for good measure. The lead character, Marleigh, is well-written, strong and the kind of person you enjoy spending time with. Her supporting cast is quirky, flawed and completely engaging.”

“Karla Jay’s first novel is very well written and entertaining. Thoroughly enjoyed all the quirky characters – I still want to know what they are all up to. Funny and touching. I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading and looked forward to the next time I could pick it up.”

“I loved this novel. I couldn’t wait to finish it, and now I can’t wait for another novel from Karla Jay. Fantastic characters, story, theme. Truly wonderful. Going to buy the hard copy so I have it for my library!”

“Speaking In Tungs is a wonderfully fun book with quirky characters that you grow to care about. It is a light romance with a couple of mysteries going on.”

Checking back for reviews can become addicting! If you’ve read the book, and you liked/loved it, please leave a review! Keep me busy. Make me forget that my coffee is cold, that day turned to afternoon and that my socks don’t match. Really. Feed my addiction!

The paperback is arriving early, perhaps in a week’s time. Did I mention HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS? I’ll need a whole stone quarry soon.

Speaking in Tungs is published by Hedgehog & Fox, more information at Warner Literary Group.