Pick a number and win a free copy of my book!

IFront cover-Speaking in Tungs am giving away a free copy (paperback or ebook) of my novel about a speech therapist trying to make a good impression in  her first job, in rural Pennsylvania!

One reviewer says: “SPEAKING IN TUNGS is a wonderful book with original and engaging characters, witty yet believable dialogue, a realistic romance and a mystery thrown in for good measure. The lead character, Marleigh, is well-written, strong and the kind of person you enjoy spending time with. Her supporting cast is quirky, flawed and completely engaging.

The only problem I had with the book was that it ended and I wanted to know what all these characters were going to do the next day. I hope there is a sequel.”

Guess a number from 1-550 and be the closest without going over and I will send you the book!