Interview with Peri Kinder: Keeping life in Utah funny

I heard about this Peri Kinder person and the most recent award she’d won from the Utah Press Association for her humorous column.  “Oh,  yeah?” I thought. “Let’s just see how funny this woman really is.” So I hauled off and bought her book, Life and Laughter, and I have yet to stop laughing. I want to hire […]

TV interview for Speaking in Tungs!

Dennis R. Miller interviewed me last weekend about Speaking in Tungs, on his TV show, Conversations. It gave me a chance to return to the Mansfield, Pennsylvania area and to see friends for a half a day. What a great way for me to talk about my book! Thank you, Dennis!

Interview with Chris Mandeville, author of SEEDS

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Chris Mandeville about her post-apocalyptic book, SEEDS. I  thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and found that I had a hard time putting it down once I stepped into this  journey of survival and hope for a better future. From the inception of this idea, to publication, how long did […]

My 13th review is anything but unlucky!

I will calm down but for now I’m flying high with this new review!  Dennis R. Miller is the Public Relations Director at Mansfield University and author of two novels. “I approached this novel with mild wariness, mainly because authors who write about this rural northern Pennsylvania region often succumb to stereotypes. As a native, I’m […]

Want your name to appear in my next book….?

Just leave your email in the form below, and comment on THIS post by finishing the sentence below in 15 words or less. “My people” will vote on the best ending to this thought and that person’s name will appear in my next book! (However, I make no guarantees about the actions of the character attached […]

Scott Lasser’s – Say Nice Things About Detroit – review

  Just finished Say Nice Things About Detroit by Scott Lasser. The title runs through my head all day – this command he gives “to like Detroit!” Love the title but not as much as I loved the book! The theme of trying to make it by coming home again, especially after almost everyone has left; the […]

Sometimes Words Are NOT Enough

 As a speech therapist my major objective with each client is to increase his or her ability to communicate at a functional level. That means I need to untangle the hidden messages behind the signs, gestures and even the eye movements of these speech-challenged people. Since I’m not proficient in cryptology, hieroglyphics or Martian-speak, I’d […]

Pick a number and win a free copy of my book!

I am giving away a free copy (paperback or ebook) of my novel about a speech therapist trying to make a good impression in  her first job, in rural Pennsylvania! One reviewer says: “SPEAKING IN TUNGS is a wonderful book with original and engaging characters, witty yet believable dialogue, a realistic romance and a mystery thrown […]

White Bees – Author interview

 First of all, I love this cover! How beautiful is this? Today I have the pleasure of    interviewing Amy Jo Wilde, author of White Bees.  Karla- When did you feel confident enough to tell your story and why then? Amy -Up until five years ago it was hard for me to even say I […]